Tuesday, June 22, 2010

words together

Passion and Desire
Are often ruled by Fire
But I believe that Love is ruled by Water

Fire rules quite well
But it belongs in Hell
And if you see it my way- Waters stronger

You say that it's Love's Fate
To be consumed by Hate
That it's the little things that add fuel to the Fire

But Raindrops make the Ocean
And keep all Life in motion
And prove it's the little things that are all we require

They say that Love's a Flame
It Burns and causes Pain
And when it's true it slumbers but yet Lives

But in Water you will Drown
And scream without a Sound
It's Stubborn and it never will Forgive

Fire is quite Strong
But never lasts for long
And when it Hurts you'll always pull away

But Water can cut mountains 
And kill you in it's fountains
So if you fall beneath the surface- there you'll stay.