Tuesday, June 22, 2010

words together

I took a chance when I asked
How could I have found you
I wondered if you would say yes
You turned my life into heaven

Entranced with each simple kiss
You will always be my perfect wish
All of the cute phrases you say
I love you 100 times every day
But could you ever truly see
My dreams you made true easily

Are you reading and comprehending
The feelings my heart is sending
Each moment I try my best
To hold you closer to my chest
I want this to last forever
And I know... it's not never
So every second shared will do
As long as I never let go of you

Hold me to sleep every night
God our love feels so right
Did you know you make me glow
When your voice gets low
And my emotions race even more
Showing who your heart is for

So don't be surprised when I ask
To keep you in my life forever
And I know you will say yes
When I put a ring on your finger